Super masters World Cup

The image above is courteous of @johncobbettphotography

The International Super Masters 5-a-side/futsal World Cup Football Tournament began in 2006 and has been hosted throughout Europe and the UK with progressive age-specific (40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 58+, 60+ & 65+) competitions. This unique research-informed masters tournament is limited to representative teams of age-specific players whom are selected from any club, community, institutional group or football association. Registered representative teams to date include countries from: Australia. Belgium, Canada, England, France, Spain (FC Barcelona), Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Holland, Ireland, (Kenya), Morocco, (S. Africa), Oman, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Wales, Scotland, Finland, Denmark, and United Nations.

Why Terra Australis… EXILES?
“We live here in Australia or ‘Terra Australis’ – This is the Great Southern Land. By design, by choice or other reason, recently or over many generations, we live in exile. This is now our home. The vast majority of the players, the interested participants of these competitions, were born in many different lands. To move forward and be representatives of ‘Team Australia’ in Zurich 2022 and onwards… We play as, The Exiles…”