Revision: 1.0

Dated:  27/11/2020


The following 20 “Common-sense” rules can be adapted and applied to both competitive and non-competitive matches. The items in RED are a must… all others may be adapted to suit…

Each team is to provide a ‘referee’ to manage festival games, in which their team is not playing in…


1.            5/6/7 players each per side. Outfield players and a goalkeeper.

2.            Each game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes per half. Multi-game competitions are normally 15 halves with a 5-min HT break

3.            No running or jogging, with or without the ball. Come on guys! We all know when we are running… If both feet are off the floor at any time… you are either a gazelle… or you are running!


4.            Low impact tackling only. No sliding tackles.

5.            No off-sides.

6.            The ball must not be kicked or deflected by any outfield player, or throw (by the goalkeeper) above head height/height of goalposts. Free kicks are awarded to the opposing team if ball travels above head height.

7.            Rebounds off walls for indoor or panelled matches. Corners and ‘kick ins’ for outdoor matches, awarded to the team not touching the ball before it last crossed the barrier.

8.            All free kicks are indirect… excepting if a penalty is awarded… one-step penalties only.

9.            Goals can be scored from any outfield position. Goals cannot be scored direct from kick offs, kick ins, drop balls, goalkeeper’s kick, save or throw.

10.         3x substitute players permitted per game, no limit interchange rules, apply. Substitutions can be made when there is a break in play, the ball is dead, or the goalkeeper has possession of the ball.

11.         Referee operates red, yellow [x2 for a 2 min sin bin] No blue card here.

12.         Players sent off can take no further part in match. A substitute may be used to replace player sent off after 5 minutes or first conceded goal, whichever occurs first.


13.         Players are not allowed in the penalty area (except by momentum and no advantage gained). If defending players enter in the penalty area deliberately or denies a clear goal scoring opportunity – a penalty is awarded to the attacking team.

14.         Opposing players must stand at least 2 metres away from the ball when a corner, free kick or ‘kick in’ is taken.

15.         If a free kick is on the penalty area line, the ball must be moved back 2 metres (to allow defenders to position themselves between ball and goal).

16.         At FOX FOOTBALL 5’s and similar walled pitches there are no kick-ins or corner kicks awarded play is continuous unless:

a.            a goal is scored

b.            a free kick is awarded

c.            the ball contacts the goal side netting 

d.            the referee deems otherwise.

e.            Outfield players are not allowed to hold onto walls (indoor matches) or barriers (outdoor matches) to block or shield the ball.


17.         Goalkeeper must wear shirt or bib that distinguishes from outfield players.

18.         Goalkeeper can receive back passes. He may either kick or throw ball back into play. Goalkeeper throws must be under arm.

19.         Play can continue if ball travels above head height whilst being deflected or saved by the goalkeeper. “Play on”

20.         Goalkeepers are allowed outside their area. If a goalkeeper leaves his area, he must not play the ball back into his area. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the attacking side… 2m from the infringement.


Generally, 25 to 35m wide, 40 to 50m long. Obviously these can be adapted to suit the venues available. The penalty area can be rectangular. The penalty spot shall be marked 8 to 10m from each goal line.


Goals should be 3.7m x 1.8m best suit 6 v 6 outdoor games and head height rules.  However, these can be adaptable according to venue and the equipment available.


These rules may be revised by the AWFA at any time.

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