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We Ran Before We Could Walk

Our GOALS are simple….

Extend the Pathway

This is our primary goal. We are working to extend the playing pathway of all our members through Walking Football. We aim to do this through:

  • supporting team sessions in their own locality
  • organising festival days to play our sport in a fun and friendly way
  • organising intra-state competitions
  • organising inter-state and national competitions
  • selecting and managing a national squad to potentially represent Australia in international competitions.

Travel the Planet

We have the intent to travel with the sport of Walking Football, whether inter-locality, intra-state, inter-state, nationally or globally… with teams, representative sides and our national squad. In this way we will not only extend our players pathways to play, but we will also enrich that path.

Celebrate the Sport

Our third goal, but not our last, is to Celebrate the Sport.

Through the many physical and mental benefits linked with sporting activities, [a fantastic survey designed by The WFA, England is a must read] we aim to live in celebration of the sport of Walking Football. Through the various organised events we will celebrate our sport. In this way we appreciate all the benefits open to our members, caring for all levels, from the ‘Grassroots’ to our representative squads. Indeed we ran… but that was before we knew we could walk!

What we ARE Doing …

Proving our commitment to grassroots Walking Football by

  • providing support and information for new teams starting up and for players taking up the sport;
  • AWFA members have supported new clubs starting up in their area;
  • planning Walking Football festivals;
  • reaching out to other like minded organisation to grow our affiliations;
  • reaching out to Sponsors to help achieve our goals;
  • building a presence online and in social media – making our association accessible to all.

What we Plan to do …

Although we are ‘brand new’ our intentions are honourable. In the pipeline are plans to:

  • write, run and develop courses for referees and coaches;
  • continue to support and provide information to new and existing teams and players;
  • build our affiliations nationally and internationally;
  • hold competitions within states, inter-state and international;
  • run State and National Teams – for the more able players, a gateway to representing Australia across a variety of age groups.


Like what you see?

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we are the Governing Body of Walking Football or even to say, we are the Home of Walking Football… We’re more of a Safe House! Enjoy your stay with us and enjoy all the Walking Football you have in your legs!” TB