Welcome to

The Association of Walking Football Australia

Our goals are simple….

Extend the Pathway

Our primary goal is to extend the playing pathway of all our members through Walking Football; the benefits of being socially, mentally and physically active as we age are well know and documented, Walking Football is the perfect sport to provide these benefit to it participants. Offering physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation. We are actively achieving our goal by:

  • helping to set up and support sessions,
  • organising festival days to play our sport in a fun, inclusive and friendly way,
  • providing regular opportunities for players to interact,
  • being as inclusive to players regardless of gender, abilities and ethnicities,
  • supporting other like minded organisation.

Travel the Planet

We provide our members with opportunities to play in Walking Football events across Australia and on a global basis. These opportunities are not just for the top level players; we support representative teams at all levels of the game, social through to competitive. Together with the N9 Walking Football Club of Seremban, Malaysia we have established the Asia Pacific Walking Football Cup, an annual event with invitations sent to other like minded organisation in the Asia Pacific region.

Celebrate the Sport

Our third goal, but not our last, is to Celebrate the Sport.

Through the various organised events we will celebrate our sport. In this way we appreciate all the benefits open to our members, caring for all levels, from the ‘Grassroots’ to our representative squads. No matter the results of the games we play, if we play with the right intent we along with the sport will always be winners

Let’s be thankful we can still kick a ball with friends and no longer need jumpers for goal posts!

What we ARE Doing …

Proving our commitment to grassroots Walking Football by

  • providing support and information for new teams and players;
  • organising Walking Football festivals;
  • supporting other like minded organisation to grow our affiliations;
  • reaching out to Sponsors to help achieve our goals;
  • building a presence online and in social media – making our association accessible to all.


Like what you see?

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we are the Governing Body of Walking Football or even to say, we are the Home of Walking Football… We’re more of a Safe House! Enjoy your stay with us and enjoy all the Walking Football you have in your legs!” TB